Armed Forces & Law Enforcement Ammunition

RUAG Ammotec is highly competent in the area of ammunition for Armed Forces & Law Enforcement. Highest reliability, best precision and optimally adapted effectiveness characterize our products and emphasize the innovative strength of the company in the global market.

We provide the perfect equipment, mainly in the form of environmentally friendly ammunition for missions and manoeuvres using the standard NATO calibres. Our range comprises different ball, tracer and blank ammunition products for combat, training and simulation. RUAG is the first producer worldwide to achieve NATO approval for its environmentally compatible ammunition.

Pistol and Submachine Gun Ammunition

Key Visual Law Enforcement

Personal Defence Weapon Ammunition

Personal Defence Weapon 4.6mm

Ammunition for Armed Forces

Armed Forces Soldier


Sniper Armed Forces

Urban Training

Law Enforcement Mission in Urban Area

Safe Combat Simulation

Soldier with Gladiator

Additional Short-Range Ammunition

Law Enforcement Shot Gun

Hand Grenade 

Soldier Armed Forces

Training Systems

Artillery Training System on a M109


RUAG SWISS P - Precision, Power, Premium

P - Precision The precision of our cartridges is legendary, and this even under extreme conditions. All cartridges consistently achieve sub MoA accuracy (1 MoA = 1/60 of a degree or angular minute, corresponding to approx. 1 inch at 100 yards).

P - Power The performance is one of the outstanding characteristics of the RUAG SWISS P line. Our calibres in .338 LM and .50 Browning impress by their heavy bullets and the resulting minor drop in velocity. Even at long ranges these calibres maintain high velocities for maximum target effect.

P - Premium Due to tight production tolerances and quality control constant ballistic values are guaranteed. Batch to batch and lot to lot, RUAG's attention to detail ensures identical premium performance and complete customer satisfaction.